Who are we?

Hometown Peninsula is a peninsula-wide alliance of locally-owned independent businesses, private citizens and local organizations united to educate the public to understand that through their support and patronage of local, independent businesses they play a significant role in the vibrancy of our neighborhood culture, are the foundation of a strong local economy, and can have an important impact globally as well.


We want to model and encourage a “hometown” quality of life by promoting and demonstrating important community values of uniqueness, diversity, freedom of choice, caring and sharing within our community.  We promote the success of local business through education, networking, shared resources and group branding.Advocate for local, independent businesses to government and the media by creating strong relationships with them promoting policy that supports and respects community-rooted enterprises.


What is Hometown Peninsula’s mission?

Hometown Peninsula’s mission is to support locally-owned, independent businesses on the peninsula, to maintain our unique community character, to educate citizens that purchasing locally creates community economic strength, and to bring back the vibrant hometown to our communities that is being displaced by national chains and online stores.


What are the benefits of becoming a member of Hometown Peninsula?

  • Having the satisfaction in taking an active role in the future of your community.  It is through our collective voice and the sharing of common values that we can maintain and grow the eclectic nature and impact the economic health of our community. 
  • Membership provides an excellent opportunity to network and establish new business-to-business relationships.  It is also an atmosphere where valuable feedback and insights of both private citizens and business owners can be shared and heard.
  • Right to display and wear Hometown Peninsula logo, banners, buttons, posters and other graphic materials identifying you as a member.
  • Invitation to participate in joint advertising and publicity campaigns and events for business members.
  • Business listed on Hometown Peninsula Web site for business members.
  • Receive continued education through the sharing of resources, tools and other means of support to help expand your business.
  • Retention of your independence and individuality and at the same time becoming part of this rapidly-growing movement and the larger global picture. 
  • Your business will thrive as an educated consumer base chooses businesses promoting the Hometown Peninsula brand and philosophy.


Who can join?

  • Locally owned, independent businesses that support our mission.
  • Local, non-profit organizations that support our mission.
  • Any concerned individual who supports our mission.


Membership is easy! If you qualify, simply complete and mail the membership application and include a check for your membership dues or go to our website and join online.  Here are the annual membership dues:

$35 – Individuals

$50 – Single Person Business

$75 – Non-Profit Community Organization

$100 – Locally Owned Independent Business


As a member, what type of contribution or commitment is expected of me?

While we want an active membership, it is understood that not all members will have the time to be fully engaged.  In addition to dues, we expect members to at a minimum participate occasionally in meetings and to take advantage of group promotions and branding when it’s the “right fit”.  Being an organization, we do need a core group of members that are active participants and leaders.


How will people know I am a member of Hometown Peninsula?

  • We encourage our members to post a Hometown Peninsula decall on your storefront and a logo on your website and other marketing collateral identifying you as a member and supporter.
  • Our website will list you as a member of Hometown Peninsula.
  • Spread the word.  Tell people about Hometown Peninsula and why you chose to be a supporter.

How often and at what time do you hold your Hometown Peninsula member meetings?

Check our Events Calendar for details on the next meeting. HTP has temporarily curtailed regular meetings. 

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